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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cover scans plus five poems

2009-04-03: Yesterday was cloudy windy and later rainy, and tomorrow will be clear cool early, then up to 70 under 100% cloudiness, then rainy late w/temps moderately cooler. Scanned the covers of 15 books. Most are books of poems. Among them are Another Song I Know, short poems by William Michaelian, Hardwood by Gary B. Fitzgerald, Instead by David Lunde, Perdition's Keepsake by Charles Behlen, and Making Hay & other poems by Tom Montag. See this William Michaelian site. From page 62 of this 2007 Cosmopsis Books book: The Age of Us All My father is a boat no longer fit to sail. He sits in the harbor, rocking in a wooden chair by the fireplace, waiting for the tide to take him out. If both of us survive, come spring, I'll lift him out of the water and scrape the barnacles from his feet. He will like that, and I will too. See Tom Montag site. From this 1975 Pentagram Press book: Rain: an Old Hat rain: an old hat caught by wind, tossed down the street into the face of an old man. i chase the rain as if my hat & find it fits that old man's brow. *** David Lunde

"Fruitful is the Vine": cover art by David Lunde Exit The four red letters, lurid in the dark theater, the only distraction, a subliminal reminder that every story has an end. And though optimism calls each death a birth, still there is the disorientation, that readjustment to the world which exists. It is not the one you lived in; it will not be. You try to hold on, imagining perhaps a repeat performance, but when the time comes nonetheless you Exit, determined to love the new, asking yourself what it was you used to love as if you didn't know. *** Charles Behlen Dust Storm/Slaton, Texas I kick the earth, the dust, a ghost, leaps at my face, reminding me with gritty tears of lovers, whores, friends and kin, gone to the ground before I was born. *** Gary B. Fitzgerald Hello Hello, everybody. I miss you all. I'm sorry I haven't been to see you, but it's not my fault. After all, you're buried all over the damned country. I can't drive that far. But being that you're dead, I figure you can hear me anyway. Hello, everybody. I miss you. --- Please see my comment. --- kh00024


brian (baj) salchert said...

Additional notes:

See here for David Lunde's book.
See here for special chapbook by Gary B. Fitzgerald.
Charles Behlen's book was published in 1978 by Prickly Pear Press, Dave Oliphant, Editor. I am not sure if copies of it are still available.
Tom Montag's book was published by Michael Tarachow's Pentagram Press in 1975. I am not sure if copies of it are still available.
Information regarding William Michaelian's book is available on his Recently Banned Literature blog. See link in post.

Gary B. Fitzgerald said...

Thanks for the mention, Brian.

Just wanted to note that the link here is to SOFTWOOD announcement, but the HARDWOOD chapbook is available also.


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