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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Post-Industrial World and Poetry

Natura naturans (the Coleridgean ongoing) lies outside us; and yet we are part of it, and more and more are changing it to meet our perceived needs. If we get there, the post-industrial world will find us more intimately connected to machines than we have ever been. So much so, actually, the industrial world will seem ancient to us. Imagine weather control, an Edenic planet, immortal or nearly immortal bodies, brains far superior to even the best now. Homo sapiens will likely be discarded in favor of a more appropriate name. Will poem-making disappear? No. Will there be poem-making contests between humans and robots? If you have been paying attention to Blogger word verifications, there already are. The Flarf, then, and Conceptual modes are precursors. Each, however, while able to accommodate varying approaches, is specialized. Practitioners have an affinity for what they do. ** Had planned to write a lot more, but between my body concerns/ nothing. kh00025

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William Michaelian said...

Possible scenario: a future in which the machines depart for another world, where they find the beings more useful.

“commawl” ye faithful

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