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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Toward morning while

still on my bed I began to feel unusually cold; so I pulled the top fold of the comforter I was on/ off to the right and slipped beneath it and pulled it back over me. My bed, which is big enough for two sleepers, has two comforters on it and the mattress just beneath them has a white fitted sheet on it. The bottom comforter's fold is on the left side because I'd roast if I tried to sleep under three comforter flaps. To be clear, the left side is the right side when one stands at the foot of my bed. That is the side where, for a number of reasons, I get in and get out. A couple minutes after 7 this morning I pulled the drape cord--there is only one window in this room--and was greeted by patches of snow. The sturdy bush continues to grow, become more green and less white since while new blossoms appear on it/ its blossoms have for the most part dis- appeared. In the distance is a tall tree that still looks like a winter tree. At its top was a single silent crow. In its silence it said to me: I am your new Christmas angel. Given the state of this union of states I live in, I was reluctant to disagree. In fact, I began to see that crow as my nation's new national bird. Then a second crow alighted at the top about two feet to the west. Together they reminded me of a chicken wishbone. Some minutes later three more crows flew in beneath them, but did not stay long. Still, I heard no caw. Then after more minutes, the crow that had been there when I opened the drapes/ flew off to the east, and soon the second crow flew off to the north and then to the west. kh00023

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