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Friday, May 29, 2009

Regarding Burt's The New Thing

essay in The Boston Review, which I read today via a link at Silliman's Blog, several thoughts: Stephen Burt did a lot of research. - His essay is therefore historically valuable. - Establishing and supporting the existence of a poetic trend requires a node of activity dedicated to making poems of a particular kind. That, as Burt recognizes, poems of the kind he discusses have been made for years do help to support his position; they are not sufficient to establish a trend. - Anthologies, presses, journals, blogs, poet-to-poet communications are the means by which trends are established. - I and many, many others are among those who for years have written poems of The New Thing kind; but it wasn't until recently that numerous poets began writing entire books of such poems. * Stephen Burt notes that the two best books are Mark Levine's Debt and Rae Armantrout's Next Life. kh00028

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