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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Coteries Categories Individuals

See prior Stephen Burt posts: kh00027 and kh00028. As strongly as I am against literary packaging, which arises from the human need to label things, I cannot figure out why I consistently allow the ruminations of others to draw me into that habit. Yes it is a memory aid, and yes in the sciences it is essential, but it tends to limit the scope of what a given maker actually makes. Scientifically, I am in the category of humans who are less than five feet tall. In the realm of poem-making are those who prefer to be members of a coterie and/or to be identified as being a maker whose works are examples of a specific categorizable nature. I find nothing wrong with that. But yesterday Mark Wallace led me to a post by none other than that erudite independent John Latta, a post I had already read or at least glanced through. I read it, and realized that my willingness to let Burt or whomever have hir say without my trying to be confrontational lessens the worth of what I say. So this is how on Wednesday, May 27, 2009 Latta wins. kh00029

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