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Sunday, February 22, 2009

James Wright James Wright Robert Bly

In my original Rooted Sky (1972) is a poem written for the poet James Wright. Years later it also became for a quasi-neighbor named James Wright as the result of a conversation between my father and that man's father. Aware of my poem, the father of that James Wright had asked my father if I had written the poem for his son. In informing me about the conversation, my father said he told Mr. Wright that I had. Softly shocked, I was about to ask him why, but the wow of knowing my father had a sensitive side moved me to explain to him it was for a poet named James Wright but--that's okay--I'll just change the dedication. The Maverick. Another poem in that book is for the poet Robert Bly. Its title is almost longer than the poem, so I won't reveal the whole of it. Imagining Myself on a Hill kh00019

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William Michaelian said...

Thanks for these; they’re like pieces of a puzzle; and the boundaries of the puzzle are still expanding....


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