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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Somewhat likeable but inconsequential

is how i feel most bloggers regard me, and i think i know why; but it doesn't matter/ because the only person i am competing against is me: the silence in the showy fields. In an old poem of mine i compare my voice to a pale blue moth. It isn't that i can't go on at length as so many do, eliciting: "Oh, oh, that Dragon Cecropia is here again." Or maybe it is. Admittedly i have been until recently/ away from the fray. Admittedly i am not about promoting a manifest point-of-view. Admittedly i could never fit in with certified groups, which does not mean i am uninterested in what members of such groups make. The isolation i've chosen undermines those urges in me to complain; and that, actually, is a good: it frees me. Still, i know my long absences (along with my decision to exit from submitting to editors) may have cloaked my freedom, made it impossible for any of my artifacts to ever be taken seriously. Talk about a game of chance. Whatever happens, it will be as it will be. kh00008


William Michaelian said...

My feeling is that anyone who regards you as inconsequential is simply not paying attention.

Meanwhile, poetry and discussions of poetry are greatly encumbered by people who have nothing to say and say it anyway, often eloquently, and then marvel at the results.

brian salchert said...

Thank you, but I feel I need to be
marinated a while yet: in an
alkaline sauce.

Last week my days were visitor-heavy.
This week they are doctor-heavy.
If I can get myself together, I
will send you an email today or
tomorrow, or some day soon.

Today Wall Street fell hard; so I
changed my photo, but the Kodiak I
am pointing at is difficult to see.

Ed Baker said...

did n't you go to University of Maryland long about 1963-1967?

seems I've [....] your name before

I could say mor

brian salchert said...

From 1962 to 1965 I was an undergraduate at Wisconsin State--Oshkosh. From 1965 to 1967 I was in the Iowa Workshop poetry section. For two weeks in the mid
1970s I worked at a Holiday Inn in
Laurel, Maryland. That was as close as I ever got to the University of Maryland.

Ed Baker said...

in 1962 while going to U of Md I had my first sex with Dorrie Jacobs at the Holiday Inn on Route 1 in Laurel,
Md. that you worked in..

a small world, after all!

then went to World Lit 232..

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