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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Reginald Shepherd

and I had scant contacts, and only two of those (possibly three) were meaningful. However, first go to Ron Silliman's Blog and search out his Saturday, September 13, 2008. * ". . . poems are, or should be, experiences in themselves, and not just accounts of or commentaries on experience; they should be additions to the world, not simply annotations to it." - This is a quote from Reginald Shepherd's essay: On Difficulty in Poetry which is available at J. J. Gallaher's site here. * From Nic Sebastian's site: Reginald Shepherd's answers to The Ten Questions 2 here. * At www.pshares.org: poems and * At Poetry Foundation's Harriet, Emily Warn's post and the comments beneath it. * From Joseph Hutchison: Sad News * From Jasper Bernes: this remembrance - Earlier this year when I was posting on my Rhodingeedaddee site/ sections of what had been my Tripod Brian's Brain log from 2000, Reginald Shepherd (having somehow found it, and thinking I was writing about 2008 events in my life) placed beneath page 4 a comment which exemplifies his empathetic spirit. If you wish to, see here. In March of 2008, "Robert Duncan and Me" appeared on Reginald Shepherd's Blog. 11 comments are beneath that post. Do read his post and the comments beneath it, if you take this link to there. kh00007 =


brian salchert said...

Planned to include a link to
Mr. Shepherd's
"All Kinds of Favors Fall from It"
at bookcriticscircle.blogspot.com
but a nastiness in the comments
moved me to abandon that plan.
As you may know, Reginald Shepherd
did not like the sound of--
and therefore the connotation of--
"blog"; so he favored "web log".

brian salchert said...

If I had to associate one word with
Mr. Reginald Shepherd, that word
would be: urgency.

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