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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eliot O'Hara Radiohead connection

* See Adam Fieled's Edgy Emotions post. * kh00031

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brian (baj) salchert said...

Last night I wanted to post the comment herein beneath the post linked to above in my post but it wasn't fully thought out. This morning it seems best to place it here where it can serve as a reminder to myself and to anyone else who should chance to read it.

Dear Blogmaster,

This is your blog, and you have the right say whatever here; but do you really want to reveal to your readers the worst aspects of who you are? However right they may be, do not become obssessed by your conclusions to the point where you vilify those whose comments counter them. It may make you feel better, but such ranting proves nothing and indicates you might well be a megalomaniac and/or that the presence of your ranting is a cry for help. Further, it provides more reasons why your conclusions should be ignored.

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