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Saturday, August 23, 2008

sort of an intro

B I R T H Still do not have a guiding plan for this. I have around a dozen notebooks partially or totally used for diary/journal purposes, but they would be hard to work with. There are topics I want to explore, but I am not quite ready. So even this may take days to complete. Was just at a page asking: Are you a left-brain or a right-brain thinker? There were 10 yes/no questions. The point of them was career advice. Librarian, accountant, hospitality industry and counsellor were four of the possibilities. In general, writers tend to be right-brained and mathematicians left-brained. I am not a natural genius but on a GRE I took in June of 1984--I was 43 then--my Verbal score was 740 and my Quantitative score 630. The Q score put me with the bioengineers. Another test I took during that decade indicated I should be a librarian. I've not been either, but most of my working years I was a Holiday Inn 3rd shift clerk (a night auditor), a position which requires left-brain and right-brain abilities. Ditto for my teaching positions prior to drifting into the hospitality industry. Am I now just the hunchback of no name? Could be. I am edging closer to/ being an ash. See brain/career article here. So where is this trekking toward? Nearly all the information above can be found elsewhere in my online posts, but not all in the same place. If I'm allowed to live until I am 80, I may do more in fifteen years than I did in the first 65. I'm now a week past 67.7. Obviously, my health--what there is of it--will have to be enabling; and that does not look good from today's vantage. Really, I ought to be residing in a place where I can walk to/ the services I need. There may not be such a place/ in this city: hospital, doctors' offices, church, library, university, superstore. There was a time when I was a superior runner/ over short distances. I can still walk fast, but I doubt I can run. What I do see a few years out--if I get there--is a wheelchair. Who knows, though, since good things are happening every day. My mother's body was in bad shape when she passed, but her mind was fine. Meanwhile I am trying to do and learn more, which is why I am a reader of comments. For example, yesterday I learned a new word, a word which isn't even in my Collegiate Eleventh. It is in Silliman's recent link list, but I didn't notice it. It was in reading the comments that it got caught in my thought. That word is "asemic", and clicking it will take you to the perfect site for learning about it. kh00002 2008-08-23

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William Michaelian said...

“Asemic” was new to me too. And I’d planned to get back to it, but still hadn’t when I found your link this morning. Fascinating, like bird tracks in the dust . . .

I like your new pages. I find your investigations and ruminations, and the tone of them, inspiring. It seems time (a highly overrated concept, perhaps) is only an issue when we are wasting it.

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